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Touring Pros

Here's a picture of myself and Mr. Jim Hardy. It was a pleasure spending 6 - 7 hours with him on the practice fairway during the 2005 Buick Open.
Here's J.L. Lewis in 2006. If you can get to the line of compression he's at, your shots will be very playable.
Notice this picture -- J.L. keeps the club and arms in front of him throughout the swing. If you can do that, the game will definitely get easier.
Here's a picture of Kenny Perry, notice how long he keeps his right foot down, but how he lets the club go left through impact. Maybe that's why he's making so much money in 2008.
Here's a picture of Kenny Perry at the top of his swing. Notice how perfect the face of the club matches up with his left arm.
Here's a picture of Peter Lonard - notice how well Peter keeps his legs underneath his body, and his great posture. That's the key to hit the ball in the center of the club face.
Here's a picture of Olin Browne on the start of his backswing. Notice how his hands are along his toe line, and his club is outside his hands. Olin is definitely a one-plane swinger, so the club can be shut on the way back.
Notice how Olin Browne's shoulders are steep and his left arm matches his shoulders. He's in that 48-inch zone Mr. Hardy wants him in.
In this picture notice how hard Olin rotates his core. One nice thing about a one plane swing, there's no rhythm or timing.
What a great picture, how Olin keeps his spine angle and goes hard to the left. This is the reason he is one of the straightest on the tour.
Here's a picture of Tiger at the Buick Open. What a great angle, and his club definitely looks on one plane.
Here's a picture of Tiger in the Buick Open Pro Am, with his 3-Wood. I firmly believe if Tiger took his driver on the same plane of his 3-Wood, he would hit it in play, always.
Here's a picture of Tiger on #3 at Warwick Hills. Notice how he is hitting his shot from the left side of the tee. The reason for this is that he wants to achieve a little draw.
Here's Tiger on the 10th tee at Warwick Hills. Notice his line of compression. He uses an 8.5° driver, and actually has his driver hitting the ball with less loft. The average player needs more loft, which will help you get to the line of compression. When you use less than 10° loft, the average player sits back and adds loft at impact.
Here is a picture of Mr. Player at the top of his back swing. He asked me if he was getting too parallel. What we feel is not real, that's why I use J.C. Video.
Here is a picture of Mr. Player at impact. That's how you get to line of compression.
Mr. Gary Player is pictured here a week before the Masters. Look at the fine release of the golf club, how his weight is on his left side and his eyes have followed under to see the ball. You can learn from this picture. The majority of you keep your head down way too long, and stand up, not look up.