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Spring Meadows G.C. - 2008

Some well mannered junior golfers at Spring Meadows Country Club.
The assistant golf professional, Brendan, and myself are speaking to the kids on etiquette.
Talking to the kids about fundamentals, behind me is Brendan, the director of the Junior Golf program. We're trying to stress putting the fun in fundamentals (not da or mentals).
What a great group they have. Over 130 juniors in their program. You can see today it's pretty foggy, so I was hitting it out of sight.
We're not only hitting golf shots today, I was showing the kids a little magic. What's great about this program is they have juniors (I think) from 4 to 18.
It's early in the morning, and it looks like the kids are pretty interested. I hope they're that way when school starts in September!